Beeah Tandeef is a waste management company in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, offering a range of services including You Call, We Haul, a bulky waste collection service.

Bulky waste refers to large items or materials that cannot fit into regular waste containers. This can include furniture, appliances, mattresses, electronics, and other oversized items.

You Call We Haul

The “You Call, We Haul” service is Beeah Tandeef’s commitment to pick up bulky waste upon request. Residents or businesses simply need to contact Beeah Tandeef’s You Call We Haul bulky waste collection service to schedule the pickup, and the company takes care of the rest, hauling away the bulky waste efficiently.

Residents of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah can now avail of You Call, We Haul service, by scheduling a driver to pick up the waste items through the BEEAH mobile app, or by calling the You Call We Haul toll-free number 800 YCWH (9294).

Beeah Tandeef Contact Number

Beeah Tandeef Contact Number is 800-TANDEEF (800 8263333), You can also chat with their customer services on Beeah Tandeef WhatsApp Number.

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Other Contact Numbers:

Beeah Tandeef Sharjah Contact Number: +971 6 597 8555
Beeah Tandeef Dubai Contact Number: +971 4 425 3800
Beeah Tandeef Abu Dhabi Contact Number: +971 2 203 4888
Beeah Tandeef Ajman Contact Number: +971 6 572 9000
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Process of Bulky Waste Collection by Beeah Tandeef

Scheduling Collection:

Contact Beeah Tandeef through their customer service hotline or online platform to schedule a bulky junk collection. Specify the types and quantity of items you need to dispose of.

Confirmation and Guidelines:

Beeah Tandeef will confirm the collection date and provide guidelines on how to prepare the items for collection. Items may need to be placed in a designated area for easy pickup.

Collection Day:

On the scheduled day, Beeah Tandeef’s team will arrive to collect the bulky waste items. They will load the items onto their collection vehicle for proper disposal or recycling.

Disposal or Recycling:

The collected bulky waste is taken to designated facilities for proper disposal or recycling, in line with environmental regulations.

Benefits of Beeah Tandeef’s Bulky Waste Collection

1. Convenience: Beeah Tandeef offers scheduled pickups, making it convenient for residents and businesses to dispose of large items.

2. Environmental Responsibility: The company ensures proper disposal or recycling of bulky waste, contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing landfill waste.

3. Compliance with Regulations: Beeah Tandeef operates within local and national regulations, ensuring that waste is handled appropriately.

4. Community Engagement: By providing this service, Beeah Tandeef engages the community in responsible waste management practices.


When contacting Beeah Tandeef, provide accurate details about the items you need to dispose of and follow any specific guidelines they provide for efficient and smooth collection.

Always ensure that hazardous waste materials are not included in bulky waste and are disposed of separately according to the appropriate guidelines.

Remember, waste management procedures may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the most recent information or updates on Beeah Tandeef’s website or contact their customer service for any changes in their services or procedures.